Recruitment, wages, benefits – how they do it in warehouses

11 October 2021

The warehouse sector has emerged unscathed from the pandemic, and in Poland the volume of investment and the number of investors continues to grow – and thus the number of jobs generated by the sector is also increasing. Employees have nothing to complain about in terms of the stability of their contracts and salary levels, but what does all this look like from the employers’ point of view? Find out at Eurobuild’s 17th Warehouse and Logistics Conference!

The labour market has a huge impact on the dynamics of the development of the warehouse sector, since access to the required workforce has always been of key importance when it comes to the specific choice of location for tenants. Most companies are trying to tempt potential employees not only by offering attractive salary packages, but also through benefits that are not strictly financial, such as transportation to the workplace, onsite employee kindergartens, medical care packages or by providing canteens. You can also see a growing openness towards recruiting personnel from across Poland’s eastern borders. Is all this going to be enough to secure a qualified workforce and maintain the current pace of growth? How to keep a warehouse worker and what changes on the labour market can be expected in the near future? The answers will be provided in a presentation by Oskar Kasiński, the managing director of HR Design Group – an international recruitment specialist for the real estate and construction sector. His lecture will take place at 12:10 during the 17thEurobuild CEE Warehouse and Logistics Conference at the Westin Hotel in Warsawon October 21st. Registration for the conference can be made via the event’s website.

The 17th CEE Warehouse & Logistics Conference
The Westin Warsaw